Here are a few comments from clients about Brian's service.

"Brian Babcock has the ability to identify situations, grasp the impact of opportunities and problems and assess the impact of these on an organization. He sees subtleties that can impact changes and provides helpful and often critical recommendations for action. This was especially important to our Board . . ."

James (Jim) F. Ryan

Form: Chair, CFAV (Centre for Advanced Visualization)
Sr. Vice President, Canadian Tire Corp.
Sr. Director, Petro-Canada Products

Currently: President and Director, Niagara Regional Broadband Network Inc.
Director, Pioneer Energy

"Brian is a valuable thought partner for me at Canadian Tire Financial Services. He operates with complete integrity. He brings wisdom to challenging situations and does so in a values-based fashion. We have also used brian to speak to a large number of our team members to challenge their thinking and stimulate dialogue."

Tim Condon
Former Vice President, Business Development
Canadian Tire Financial Services

"Having had the opportunity to work closely with Brian for over 20 years, I consider him a friend, confidante and mentor. A true visionary with tremendous business acumen, Brian has a knack for cutting to the heart of an issue and subsequently developing a strategic plan that truly makes an impact. Brian possesses an innate ability to ask the right questions and then develop the reality-based solutions that generate results. In business this can mean the difference between success and failure. Indeed, any person or company that establishes a working relationship with Brian Babcock can most certainly expect to reap a great many benefits from the association."

Jim Switzer
Founder, Owner, Switzer-Carty Transportation Inc.

"It has been my experience in life that one of the keys to success is having trusted advisors - people who can be relied upon to provide thoughtful, practical guidance when it is most needed. Brian Babcock falls into that category.

Over the years, I built a small, prosperous family company. However, I found myself facing a range of challenges that were causing growing concern and felt the need for some wise outside counsel. Brian was recommended to me by a friend and I engaged his services in 2000.

I have found his advice to be well-reasoned, carefully-researched, and, perhaps most important from my perspective, sensitive to the unique problems that arise within a family company. He is the type of advisor who takes the time to fully understand the needs of an organization and who makes a deep personal commitment to arriving at solutions that are satisfactory to all concerned. In short, he cares.

He has tremendous personal integrity and can be counted on to always express an honest viewpoint. And he doesn't rest until he has helped a client achieve the desired results.

Any organization or owner/manager would benefit greatly from his experience and guidance. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Gordon Pape
Gordon Pape Enterprises Ltd.

"We engaged Brian as a consultant to help us sell our 30 year old family business...We feel that without Brian's specific expertise...we may not have concluded the sale.

Our law and accounting firms ... understood the technicalities but it was Brian who advised on the nuances that eventually completed the sale. We highly recommend his services and value his friendship."

Ted Turner

Hunt Personnel

On August 8, 2009 the Ontario/Atlantic team of the Furniture, Appliances and Bedding division of Cantrex held its regional convention, in conjunction with the 2009 Toronto Furniture & Gift Show sponsored by the Canadian Home Furnishings Association (CHFA) and Canadian Gift & Tableware Association (CGTA).

The formal portion of the convention concluded with an interactive, provocative and thought-provoking talk by Brian Babcock of Babcock Business Strategies entitled “What Keeps You Awake at Night — Ideas for Conquering Today’s Market.”

Excerpt from Cantrex Newsletter
November, 2009

"I refer to Brian as the eminence gris of the school bus industry ... as well, he has given generously of his time to make sure that every Politician and Senior Bureaucrat at Queen's Park understand what we all mean by the phrase - safe, secure, reliable and on time student transportation.

Babcock Coach Lines of Beamsville has amassed local, provincial and national recognition and awards. It has been described as one of the best privately operated family businesses in Canada. The credit goes to Brian Babcock and the leadership he has so freely given to our industry.

Brian has left our industry with a tremendous legacy to us to carry on and build upon."

Richard Donaldson
Executive Director

Ontario School Bus Association

"I have known Brian Babcock for over thirty years and I have always perceived him as a born leader. Not only had Brian taken his own Company, Babcock Bus Lines to a new level of achievement, he has set the standard for others to follow. Suffice it to say Brian has a record of achievement that will likely never be broken, at least in my lifetime. I only have total admiration and respect for Brian, as a coach and mentor, on both a professional and personal level.

Brian's "Leadership for Life" approach to strategic management has had tremendous impact and rewards for our Company now and for well into the future."

Gary L. Wilson
Senior Vice President

Laidlaw Transit Ltd.