Brian BabcockBrian Babcock was Founder and CEO of a nationally acclaimed transportation company. He is an experienced Board member with private family, government advisory, trade and charitable foundation organizations. He is knowledgeable in transportation, service, light manufacturing and low to medium technology industries and is also familiar with the financial services sector.

Brian is best suited for private family BODs but has a good understanding of public company affairs. He can contribute to full Board conversations of strategic plan reviews, M & A options, finding new sources of capital, succession planning, leadership development, CEO reviews and financial planning for sustainable futures. Brian is willing to give a resolute, determined focus to issues that are critical to long term success and to open doors to contacts throughout Canada and the U.S. if appropriate.

Babcock Bus Lines was an award winning transportation enterprise responsible for safely moving 10,000 school aged children daily. Brian successfully sold the company attaining more than 2 times the median comparison price for similar firms. Over a 24 year period, Babcock's attained annual growth of double digit earnings with 100% customer retention and arguably 200% North American industry average profit margins.

Brian has been a frequent columnist for "Leadership Matters"; the Globe and Mail™ (Canada's largest national newspaper with 1.0 million daily circulations) as well as an expert writer for Canada's financial advisors organization and a contributor to Bloomberg Wealth Managers Magazine.

Currently Brian is a strategic planning, leadership and complex negotiations advisor to CEOs and "C" level Executives in a variety of diverse companies. These are often significant corporations in size with up to 15000 employees and revenues exceeding a billion dollars.

Brian is a graduate of Harvard's Executive Education - Owner President Managed Program, a graduate (with high distinction) of the University of Western Ontario, Ivey School of Business and an honours student of Economics (specifically, international trade, money and banking). He has completed Harvard Business School's "Creating and Making Private Company Boards More Effective" as well as numerous other HBS governance and alumni education programs.

Brian is open to Board roles throughout North America.

"Brian Babcock has the ability to identify situations, grasp the impact of opportunities and problems and assess the importance of these on an organization. He sees subtleties that can affect changes and provides helpful and often critical recommendations for action. This was especially important to our Board . . ."

James (Jim) F. Ryan

Form: Chair, CFAV (Centre for Advanced Visualization)
Sr. Vice President, Canadian Tire Corp.
Sr. Director, Petro-Canada Products

Currently: President and Director, Niagara Regional Broadband Network Inc.
Director, Pioneer Energy

"I refer to Brian as the eminence gris of the school bus industry ... as well, he has given generously of his time to make sure that every Politician and Senior Bureaucrat at Queen's Park understand what we all mean by the phrase - safe, secure, reliable and on time student transportation.

Babcock Coach Lines of Beamsville has amassed local, provincial and national recognition and awards. It has been described as one of the best privately operated family businesses in Canada. The credit goes to Brian Babcock and the leadership he has so freely given to our industry.

Brian has left our industry with a tremendous legacy to us to carry on and build upon."

Richard Donaldson
Executive Director

Ontario School Bus Association