Babcock Business Strategies (BBS), owned by Brian Babcock, is a consulting company focused in the areas of corporate strategy, negotiations, and corporate financial planning. His work is focused on providing substantive improvements to clients' revenues, productivity and growth. Brian's belief, although somewhat contentious, is that profit is a derivative of all economic inputs, including and perhaps most importantly, the input of employees. Brian doesn't write reports: he provides the methodology, skills and toolset required for his clients to grow and prosper in today's economy.

The companies buying services from BBS are both large and small, publicly and privately owned, but all share uncommon success. They enjoy strong customer loyalty, stable work forces and very strong earnings. Brian's interest is to take what's good in these companies to even higher levels of success and to do so with integrity.

Brian owned Babcock Coach Lines Ltd. from 1975 to 1999. This nationally-acclaimed company was honoured with customer retention rates at 100%, employee tenures in excess of 12 years, and margins that were arguably twice the North American averages for the industry. Brian successfully sold the company attaining more than 2 times the median comparison price for similar firms.

Brian has been a frequent columnist for "Leadership Matters"; the Globe and Mail™ (Canada's largest national newspaper with 1.0 million daily circulations) as well as an expert writer for Canada's financial advisors organization and a contributor to Bloomberg Wealth Managers Magazine.

Brian has now dedicated himself to translate his team's combined experience into systems management which when integrated to the larger business plan, can create substantial performance improvement.

Babcock Business Strategies
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St. Catharines, Ontario
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Phone: 905-988-9891
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